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Topic: Lets Discuss: Who Wears The Ring When The Lady Proposes?
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Social media has of late, shown account of certain brazen ladies who have defied all odds by going down on one knee in satisfying proposal rites to the men of their choice. As dramatic as the instance seems, one or two men took to their heels (perhaps out of the shocking expression), but some others are being widely celebrated for taking the bull by the horns, and are savouring the taste of the applause as it lauds out.

With the present global revolution to eliminate the gender bias through all of life’s facets, one can’t help but ponder on the thought of who now wears the ring, if it is the lady proposing. Seeing as it is customary for a man to engage his beloved with a ring, and the symbol of the woman’s acceptance to be betrothed to him is in her wearing the ring; will it now be the man who wears the ring in a reverse situation?

Ideally, who should wear the ring when the lady proposes?
Watch video below and share your thoughts.

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